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Financial Planning Elements

Common Needs in Retirement Planning




Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation presents your current assets broken down by asset class and asset type. This section provides a risk tolerance questionnaire, and the answers provided are used to produce a recommended asset allocation for you.

Asset Protection

Asset Protection examines your available insurance, and the impact of unforeseen events. Death and disability are viewed through the resulting loss of income. Home-owners insurance needs are examined. Finally, the need for an umbrella policy to protect you across multiple policies is analyzed.


Accumulation Analysis compares your current funding projections against an expected capital expenditure. This section then provides options for consideration if the analysis results in a shortfall.

Annuity Income

Annuity Income examines the use of guaranteed annuity income for covering expenses during retirement. The analysis looks at existing guaranteed retirement income, like Social Security and pensions, and compares them to expected retirement expenses. In the case of a shortfall, it determines the amount of assets that would have to be converted to an annuity to cover the desired expenses.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning module illustrates the distribution of assets to heirs and the payment of taxes and fees that occur at your and your partner's deaths. The element then allows for the design of estate plan changes, and will illustrate and compare the impact of those changes. This section supports the scenario where death occurs today, as well as a defined scenario of future death at your discretion.

Financial Statements

The Financial Statements segment examines your basic financial condition, including net worth, income, expenses, and current cash flow. This segment also provides an analysis of your available reserves in the event of an emergency.

Human Life Value

The Human Life Value module examines the impact of a premature death. The analysis determines the total financial impact of the loss of income as well as other factors, and solves for the amount of life insurance benefits needed to replace those losses.

Life Insurance Needs

The Life Insurance module examines the impact of a premature death. The analysis determines the survivor’s ability to maintain their desired standard of living and how much life insurance is needed to cover any shortfall.


The Disability module examines the impact of an unexpected disability. The analysis determines the impact of lost income, and how long term disability coverage could help replace the lost income.

Long-Term Care

The Long Term Care section examines the impact of a long term care health event. The analysis projects the accelerated liquidation of your capital resources, and conducts a cost comparison of new long term care coverage.

Business Insurance

The Business Insurance section examines business partners’ needs for liquidity through life insurance. It examines several techniques that can be used to ensure the duel purposes of ensuring the business remains intact while providing the value of a partner’s ownership interest to their heirs.

Retirement Income Planning

The Retirement section compares your current income and capital resources funding projections against your expected costs in retirement. The section then provides options for consideration if the analysis results in a shortfall.


The Education section compares your current funding projections against the expected costs of higher education. The section then provides options for consideration if the analysis results in a shortfall. This section can be utilized to plan for your own education, or that of your family members.

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